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Introducing AFYAA – A range of health products to ensure you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Together, we empower you to lead the life you deserve. A healthy body, a healthy mind for your loved ones, for our future generations.

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Afyaa Hayyiba

A brand-new beverage formulation to keep your health at best. Ready to serve you!

Afyaa Ryndu

Combination from the west and east. Reveal your natural dazzle ultimately!

Afyaa Sahiyya

Your high-end complement for health betterment. Always there for you!

Afyaa Aratox

Enjoy the real deal of a healthy meal!

Afyaa Arafit

Combination from the west and east. Reveal your natural dazzle ultimately!


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There’s never a bad time to start anything. For a premium brand like AFYAA to kick start, I couldn’t think of any other perfect time than now. Because only now, people will begin to understand the importance of living healthily and hygienically.


Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie

Director of AFYAA

Abdul Azim Adnan

 Government Liaison Halal Consultant

Dato’ ProfessorDr. Abdul Malik Musharat

Consultant Physician Cardiologist

Dr. Haizal Haron Kamar