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Afyaa Ryndu


Combination from the west and east. Reveal your natural dazzle ultimately!

AFYAA RYNDU will manifest these results:

  • Glowing Skin
  • Maintain elasticity
  • Protect skin against UV ray
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Fight free radicals

Direction for use: Chew 1 to 2 tablet(s) daily.

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premium ingredients to shine your day!

  • Branded ingredient from Italy
  • Extracted from the juice of three pigmented varieties of blood oranges, Moro, Tarocco, Sanguinello from Mount Etna, Sicily

Extract Torula Yeast

  • Premium ingredient from Japan
  • Patented technology from Kohjin Life Sciences, Japan

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) + Grape Seed Extract + Zinc Citrate + Vitamin C

  • Combination of premium ingredients from France
  • Clinically studied and proven

Honey & Pomegranate

All the way from Japan, Italy and France. Finest combination from western and eastern world. It is natural for human to appear fine-looking. Neatness and personal beauty are one of those fragments in life that must be given attention to as long as they are Shariah-compliant. As good as self-care, we are highly encouraged to practise consuming Sunnah ingredients such as honey and pomegranate in our daily routine.



AFYAA Ryndu has been certified HALAL by JAKIM, free from heavy metal, microbes, hydroquinone and tretinoin.


Frequently Asked Question

What is AFYAA Ryndu?

AFYAA Ryndu is a chewable tablet specially formulated with premium ingredients to brighten and protect the skin from UV-induced damage and improve skin radiance.

What are the ingredients in AFYAA Ryndu?

The active ingredients in AFYAA Ryndu are Torula yeast extract, Sicilian Red Orange Complex™ extract, vitamin C, grape seed extract, melon fruit concentrate (SOD) and zinc citrate.

If I stop taking AFYAA Ryndu, does it mean that the brightening effects will dissapear?

If you stop consuming AFYAA Ryndu, the effects will gradually dissapear as you are exposed to UV ray, pollutions, etc. Hence, it is recommended to consume 1 tablet per day as maintenance dosage.

Is there any side effect(s) after consuming AFYAA Ryndu?

To date, there is no known or reported side effect of AFYAA Ryndu since it is not a drug. However in rare case, one might experience healing crisis such as acne breakout, headaches, or other symptoms due to sudden rising of antioxidant consumption.

Can men consume AFYAA Ryndu?

AFYAA Ryndu is suitable for both women and men for consumption.

Can AFYAA Ryndu help to treat dark spots?

Yes. Torula yeast in AFYAA Ryndu naturally contains glutathione which can help to inhibit tyrosinase, enzyme that catalyses the production of melanin and promote synthesis pathway of pheomelanin (light pigment) hence resulting in brighter skin from within. These mechanisms will enhance protection against UV damage and reduce the appearance of the dark spots.

Can teenager below 18 years old consume AFYAA Ryndu?

Can, but it is not recommended for teenagers below 18 to consume AFYAA Ryndu because their body is actively producing glutathione. Also, they do not have the necessity to consume such product yet.

Is it suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers to consume AFYAA Ryndu?

Although the ingredients in AFYAA Ryndu are from natural sources and safe for consumption, however, it is not recommended for pregnant women or lactating mothers to consume AFYAA Ryndu since there is no safety clinical study conducted.

Can AFYAA Ryndu replace the use of topical sunblock?

AFYAA Ryndu has Red Orange Complex™ that can help protect against UV-damage internally, but our skin needs both protection internally and externally to protect the skin against direct and long sun exposure. Hence, it is necessary to continue with the use of topical sunblock while consuming AFYAA Ryndu.

Can AFYAA Ryndu help to treat melasma?

Melasma is characterised by a symmetrical spot that grows on both sides of the cheek mainly caused by hormonal imbalance. Thus, AFYAA Ryndu cannot help to treat melasma.

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