Meet Our Halal Liaison

Professor Dr. Abdul Malik Musharat

“Halal goes beyond than just what we consume on a daily basis, it is a way of life that we must appreciate as a Muslim.”


Moment with AFYAA

Professor Dr. Abdul Malik Musharat

In the age of convenience, technology has revolutionized our access to various products. From books to food, we can effortlessly make cashless transactions, thanks to online platforms. However, uncertainties persist, especially regarding the halal certification of food.

Enter AFYAA, dedicated to assuring consumers of its halal-certified products. Rigorous processes guarantee safety and hygiene, aligning with both legal standards and Islamic faith. From raw materials to the finished product, transparency ensures no impermissible or harmful ingredients are included.

AFYAA strives to bring balance to our lives by promoting a healthy lifestyle. Embrace a symbiotic life with AFYAA, where faith and well-being coexist seamlessly.