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Afyaa Arafit


Enjoy the real deal of a healthy meal!

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Afyaa Arafit

Three wholesome ingredients


  • Preloaded with multi-proteins comprising isolated soy protein, pea protein, brown rice protein and oat protein that are remarkably formulated to complete your protein intake
  • Possess a higher thermic effect of food (TEF), being the energy required to digest each macronutrient
  • Aid in healthy weight management

Fibregum™ Acacia Gum

  • A patented ingredient by Nexira, France being the global leader in acacia gum
  • Contain over 90% soluble dietary fibre (arabinose, rhamnose, galactose) which is also known as prebiotics
  • Prolong satiety, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, for gut comfort

Green Coffee Bean Extract

  • Purely unroasted and derived from the premium Coffee arabica variety
  • Help to suppress appetite, and block carbohydrates which will then help to lose weight
  • Higher amount of chlorogenic acid (CGA) to exert various health benefits

Acacia Gum

Acacia Gum has been in existence about 5,000 years ago during ancient Egypt where its uses were mainly observed. It was reportedly believed to be the oldest and best known among all natural gums. Worthy of note, Acacia Gum is a resin exudedf rom stems and branches of Acacia Seyal trees. In the Al-Quran scripture, Acacia Gum (“Mann”) was mentioned three times, describing that it is among the superfoods that should be consumed by humans.


AFYAA arafit

AFYAA Arafit has been certified free from porcine DNA, heavy metals, microbes, gluten, lactose and 365 drugs including laxative drugs and weight loss drugs


Frequently Asked Question

What is AFYAA Arafit ?

AFYAA Arafit is a meal replacement product utilising Plant-based Proteins, Fibregum™ Acacia Gum, and Green Coffee Bean Extract in powder form.

Main functions of AFYAA Arafit include aids in weight loss, prolongs satiety, blocks carbohydrate digestion and absorption, boosts metabolism, enhances fat burning, improves digestion and provides energy

What are the active ingredients in AFYAA Arafit ?

AFYAA Arafit contains multiple active ingredients, including Plant-based Proteins (soy protein, pea protein, brown rice protein, oat protein), Fibregum™ Acacia Gum, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Fibre Creamer, and 18 types of vitamins and minerals

What is the flavour of AFYAA Arafit?

The flavour of AFYAA Arafit is banana dates.

How many sachets per box?

24 sachets per box

Is AFYAA Arafit a supplement?

AFYAA Arafit is a food product classified under food category by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) and is regulated under Food Safety and Quality Division (FSQ), Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). Therefore, AFYAA Arafit is not a supplement.

What is the consumption method for AFYAA Arafit ?

We recommend mixing 1 sachet of AFYAA Arafit with 200ml of water and consuming it as a meal replacement.

Is AFYAA Arafit suitable for vegetarians and vegans??

AFYAA Arafit contains a very minimal amount of milk derivatives, making it suitable for lacto-vegetarians but not for vegans.

What are the results that I can expect by consuming AFYAA Arafit?

You can expect a reduction in weight and body fat within one month of consumption provided you follow the diet guideline. Besides, you can also expect to see reductions in the circumferences of waist, hip, arms and thighs. Some consumers would also observe improvements on their health conditions, e.g. more energetic; better sleep quality, mood, or skin conditions; lesser cravings for food etc.

Can overweight or obese children and adolescents consume AFYAA Arafit?

AFYAA Arafit is specially formulated for adults (18 years old and above). Children and adolescents below 18 years old are not recommended to take AFYAA Arafit. However, if obese/overweight adolescents (12- 18 years old) wish to try the product, they are advised to consult a doctor before taking AFYAA Arafit. Children below 12 years old are not recommended as they are still in the growing stage.

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