AFYAA x Pantai Premier Pathology

AFYAA Sdn Bhd will be the first functional food company to obtain official data that proves the functions and effectiveness of its primary product which is AFYAA Hayyiba through laboratory testing. The project will be conducted together with Pantai Premier Pathology Sdn Bhd.

The partnership was made possible through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as a symbol to kick off the initiative. The event saw a mutual interest shown by both health entities in the industry that is to gather information and findings of the research backed up fully by scientific procedures and methods.

Apart from obtaining the information and scientific data for AFYAA Hayyiba, among the provisions that will come into availability for the benefits of the public is that patients are given a special price which is cost-affordable to do their medical checkup. Additionally, Pantai Premier Pathology is an official Medical Laboratory Partner to AFYAA by which any medical service will be referred to them.

In fact, through this unified agreement, all findings will be of high value in a way that they could be documented in the form of reports hence allowing end users to understand the entire context. Concurrently, the information can be disseminated for public reading pleasure through a number of media platforms such as local newspapers, social media, magazines and many more.